About Me

My name is Tecia and I’m happily married with four great kids!  My husband and I have two boys and two girls.  Our kids are ages 21, 17, 15 and 12.

How it all began…

When I had our youngest child, Madison, I knew she was different.  I didn’t know at the time what exactly was wrong but as a mother, I knew something was very different about her.  She would scream and cry and it seemed like nothing would console her.  She hated diapers, clothes, socks and shoes.  I discovered that she would tolerate soft natural fibers so I started making cloth diapers.  This led to me starting a small work-at-home business named ‘Tweedle Bumz’ where I sold fitted cloth diapers.

Eventually, I  started making most all of her clothes.  Upcycling was actually a necessity for me because natural-cotton fabrics were so expensive that I scoured thrift stores and yard sales for pieces made from cotton or other natural fibers could be cut up and remade into a new garment that she would tolerate.  People started stopping me and asking me where I purchased her clothes.  This led to ‘Madison’s Sparrow’–a small business ran by me, out of my home.

Maddie is now 12 years old and doing very well.  She was diagnosed with Sensory Processing Disorder at age 3.  She has an anxiety disorder along with other things but has learned great coping skills.  She is now in horse therapy and it has really helped her in many ways!

As far as sewing, I love it!  After many requests, I have recently added upcycled clothing for women.

Please contact me if you have any questions.